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Steering Committee:

Diane Sammarco, Saskia Rogister, Rosanne Migliorino, Robin Zidek, Linda Anastasia, and Ayin Gurling 

Donations Committee Chair: Ayin Gurling - Splattergirl UK

NY Blythe Meets Organizer: Melissa Grecco

Community Ambassadors of Play: Rosanna De Bellis

BlytheCon USA Liaisons: Christa Maher, Wendy Schnieder OH '23, Biz Murrer OH '22, Erin Williams NV '24

Jen O'Connor - United States Host

Founder & Owner, Earth Angels Studios, Orange County, NY

Founder & Co-Organizer, Wonderland of Play

@jensearthangels and @earthangelsstudios

Jen is a retailer and expert in handmade small business development. She owns an art gallery in Orange County, New York and has been hosting events since she founded her business - Earth Angels Studios - in 1994. To promote and plan our WofP events, Jen will access her broad and varied network of friends, fellow collectors, and enthusiasts for art, vintage, and handmade across the globe. Her goal is to connect various collecting communities and bring people together to play. Jen  will take the lead on events in the USA.



Founder & Owner, Suzie et Gus, Brugge, Belgium

Founder & Co-Organizer, Wonderland of Play

@suzieetgus and @suzieetgusdolls

Shari is a creativeprenuer and retailer in the heart of historic downtown Brugge. You can find her adorable shop Suzie et Gus steps from the famous Canal Boat tours at NV Stael Mooring Boathouse. She is a lifelong resident of Brugge and wants to bring fellow collectors to her fairy tale hometown to enjoy it as a beautiful backdrop for events. Her goal is to celebrate the cultural and artful values of travel and play within the Blythe and Toy communities.  Shari will take the lead on events in Europe.

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